The DamJam Podcast Ep.3 – Apps, Apps, Apps


In this episode we are going to talk about nothing else than apps, apps and more apps, so if you are maybe in the need of a few app recommendations this episode should be the right for you…

Jamaar’s List of Android Apps:

RSS – GReader (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Amber Reader (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Feedly (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized)

News – Flipboard (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), News360 (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), News Republic (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Umano (Android Phone), NPR One (Android Phone)

Utilities – AGENT (Android Phone), Pocket (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Speedtest (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), AirDroid (Android Phone/Tablet), Zedge (Android Phone/Tablet), Tasker (Android Phone)

Weather – Yahoo Weather (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Arcus Weather (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Accuweather (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized)

Calendar – Sunrise (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), CAL (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Today Calendar (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized)

Photo Editing – Snapseed (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Google+ (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Colorsplash (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized)

Video – Google+ (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized)

Health/Fitness – MyfitnessPal (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Runtastic, (Android Phone), Fitness Buddy (Android Phone/Tablet), Sworkit (Android Phone/Tablet)

Socal –  Google+ (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Twitter (Android Phone/Tablet), Facebook (Android Phone/Tablet), Falcon Pro (Android Phone/Tablet), Talon (Android Phone/Tablet), Reddit Sync (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Reddit is Fun (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Reddit News (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Reddit Now (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized), Baconreader (Android Phone/Tablet Optimized)


Jamaar’s List of iOS Apps:

RSS – Reeder 2 (iPad/iPhone), Ziner (iPad/iPhone)Mr. Reeder (iPad), Unread (iPad/iPhone), Feedly (iPad/iPhone)

News – CBS News (iPhone/iPad), News360 (iPad/iPhone), News Republic (iPad/iPhone), Flipboard (iPad/iPhone), Umano (iPhone), NPR One (iPhone)

Utilities – Pinner (For Pinboard) (iPad/iPhone), Pocket (iPad/iPhone), Deliveries (iPad/iPhone/MAC), IFTTT (iPad/iPhone), Workflow (iPad/iPhone), Filebrowser (iPad/iPhone), Shazam (iPhone), Speedtest (iPad/iPhone), Sensorly (iPhone), Zedge (iPhone), Reversee (iPad/iPhone), Clips (iPad/iPhone), Save Images (iPad/iPhone), Lastpass (iPad/iphone), 1Password (iPad/iPhone), AnimeTrakr (iPad/iPhone), Myanilist (iPad/iPhone), Pushbullet (iPhone/ Not optimized for iPad)

Weather – BeWeather 2 (iPhone), Dark Sky (iPad/iPhone), Yahoo Weather (iPad/iPhone), Weather Line (iPhone)

Calendar – Fantastical 2 (iPhone/iPad), Timeful (iPhone), Sunrise Calendar (iPad/iPhone)

Photo Editing – Pixelmator (iPad/MAC), Snapseed (iPad/iPhone), Storehouse (iPad/iPhone), Waterlouge (iPad/iPhone), Litley (iPad/iPhone), Brushstroke (iPad/iPhone, Colorsplash (iPad/iPhone), Google+ (iPad/iPhone)

Video – iMovie (iPad/iPhone) Hyperlapse (iPhone/iPad), Pinnacle Studio (iPad), Google+ (iPad/iPhone)

Health/Fitness – MyfitnessPal – (iPad/iPhone), Sworkit Pro (iPad/iPhone), Fitstar (iPad/iPhone), Fitness Buddy (iPad/iPhone), Fitocracy (iPhone), Runtastic (iPhone), Withings (iPhone)

Social – Google+ (iPad/iPhone), Twitter (iPad/iPhone), Facebook (iPad/iPhone), Facebook Paper (iPhone), Alien Blue (iPad/iPhone), Baconreader (iPad/iPhone)


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Jamaar DeBoise
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7 thoughts on “The DamJam Podcast Ep.3 – Apps, Apps, Apps

  1. Hey guys, here is some bit of my own app suggestions for you.

    Browsers: Chrome, Chrome Beta, Naked Browser, Javelin Browser.

    Weather: Bright weather. Looks awesome, gives lot of information. Couldn’t ask more for a weather app.

    Social: Talon for Twitter, Google+, Reddit Sync and Reddit News, WhatsApp (I use a 3rd party app with Material Design) and Instagram.

    Music: Google Play Music for my offline playback or for playing back the music I have backed up on G Drive. Spotify for the music I don’t own a copy of.

    Utilities: Tasker, the one automation app to rule them all. Pushbullet for my notifications and Clipper Plus (with sync) to sync my clipboards between my computers and my phone and also keep track of what I have copied at all. Pocket, to save websites for reading later.

    Theming: Behang, Infinite Walls, Murum, Nautilus, Lumos, Stark, Elun, Moonshine, Muzei (with at least a dozen different plugins) and several other wallpaper and icon pack apps.

    Entertainment: YouTube (the one app that uses more WiFi bandwidth than all of my other apps), Vevo, because f*ck GEMA (Damir will understand :D)

    Games: Monument Valley.

    Forums: Tapatalk

    Podcast: I use Pocket Casts, but am a new user of it. Before I used Stitcher, and still use it sometimes because I can also listen to Stitcher in the browser on my PC.

    Photos: QuickPic, I don’t edit pictures, so a good gallery app is enough for me. QuickPic is the best for me.

    Calendar: Agreed with Today Calendar. My one and only choice. Google Calendar is not as good as Today. I love animations, and Google Calendar has some UI transitions where apparently the devs forgot to put animations and it looks repulsive every time I want to create a new event in there. That’s my main reason of using Today. I keep Google for the widget though, I do prefer the agenda widget of Google Calendar to the one on Today.

    This got a bit long, but I hope it was helpful if you were looking for some good apps. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, that’s an opinion of course. I like Solid Explorer as well, but there are some interesting options out there like X-plore and Tomi File Manager who have a different approach. Right now, I’m using AntTek Explorer, which is pretty good as well.

        Btw, I should’ve mentioned ‘best keyboard’ as well. A lot of people will say SwiftKey, but if you aren’t necessarily into swype-typing, Hackers Keyboard (very minimalisting with great prediction) and Flesky (basically the Blackberry 10 OS keyboard which is great) are very good options as well; better than Swiftkey imho.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Swiftkey has a problem that it doesn’t support the full punctuation for people who want to use that in the correct manner in Dutch. The odd thing is that HTC does support it properly with their own keyboard, which is based on Swiftkey…


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